Puff and Pebbles

Puff and Pebbles came to our house via Cullen’s Archangel Rescue (www.caretoadopt.org) in August of 2012.  We agreed to foster these two little girl weasels and be their retirement home, as Pebbles was not adoptable due to having insulinoma. We already had 3 ferrets (Charlie, Loki and Tierney) so it took us a while to decide to take them on. 5 Ferrets! Oh boy!  But we took the plunge, and they came to live with us.

What I knew of Puff and Pebbles when we took them in was that they were both somewhere around 5 ½ years old.  They had been in foster care for a few years, and had originally come from another foster agency in Florida.  Pebbles had been diagnosed with insulinoma about a year before we got them.

Pebbles is a very sweet little ‘silver mitt’ sable ferret.  Basically, a sable ferret, but with silver guard hairs.  She is quite pretty.  She has a chubby little ‘preddy belly’ (the prednisolone that she is on to treat her insulinoma symptoms has made her a little pudgy) and at the moment, very thick, soft fur.

Puff was an albino ferret, white with pink eyes.  She was very tiny, it was hard to think of her as an adult she was so tiny! She weighed less than 1 ½ pounds!

Personality wise- they were polar opposites.

Perhaps due to her insulinoma, Pebbles is very mellow.  She plays a little bit, for brief periods of time, but mostly she just inspects her home, cleans boy ferret ears if they hold still long enough, and takes lots of naps.  She will give me ferret kisses on my chin sometimes when I hold her, and doesn’t mind being held, as long as it’s not time for her medicine, which she hates!

Puff was a non-stop bundle of energy.  She found every nook and cranny that a ferret could fit into, and assisted us in ferret proofing our house more than we ever thought we would need to.  It took us a few weeks to figure out how she kept getting under the sink in the kitchen.  Finally we found a tiny gap between our dishwasher and a cupboard.  She had been squeezing through that gap, going around behind the dishwasher, and into the cupboard under the sink. She was easily the most active ferret I have ever had.  For some reason, I started calling her “Pufferton”.  Perhaps because “Puff” was too small a name for such a huge personality.   Of course, living in the South, it was Miss Pebbles and Miss Pufferton!

Puff pretty much ruled the house.  She could get anywhere, she could fight with the boys and even gave big old Tierney a run for his money.  Though usually with Tierney she outran rather than outfought him! She was a climber, and I was always impressed with the places I’d find her. I still remember the night my husband Kirk told me that I couldn’t leave cups of anything on the tall table in our computer room anymore.  Apparently, 1 white ferret plus a few ounces of Tequila Rose liqueur = a pink ferret!  And a husband quickly bathing said ferret before it ingests the booze.

In January 2013, little Puff started losing weight very rapidly, she also developed loose stools.  We took her to the vet, and they examined her and took some blood.  She was a little bit dehydrated, so they administered fluids. She had low blood sugar, so they put her on prednisolone. They also gave her an antibiotic to treat whatever might be giving her diarrhea.  I brought her home, and she seemed to perk up for a few days with the medications, but then she suddenly couldn’t control her back end, and I rushed her back to the vet.

Little Puff passed away that night.  There was no conclusive diagnosis, but the vet suspected lymphoma might also be involved.  She went downhill SOOOOO fast, to this day I am still shocked. It was only over 5 days that this happened. I wonder if there were signs that I missed. But I truly can’t think of any. It is so impossible to think that we only had this bright little creature in our care for 6 months!

Pebbles misses her friend, I can tell.  She doesn’t sleep in the hammock that she and Puff used to share much anymore. But she is still with us.  She and Charlie race each other up the stairs every night, which is a rather sad sight truth to tell.  Pebbles is a bit wobbly and Charlie isn’t any better, but they give it their all, and seem happy.  Pebbles has been on the prednisolone for going on 2 years now, and she is over 6 years old.  I can tell that sometimes she has little ‘spells’ when her blood sugar is a little low, usually when she first wakes up, but the prednisolone definitely helps.  She absolutely hates taking it, but I bribe her with my version of “Duk Soup” (which I call Goo) before and after giving her the pred, and she doesn’t fight me near as much as she used to.  Goo is tasty!

Both Pebbles and Puff are in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejWMweW3T5Q


A picture of Pebbles:








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  • Serena

    On a happy note, Miss Pebbles had both adrenal surgery and surgery to remove a large tumor form her pancreas, and she is doing amazingly well. She is now completely off the prednisolone and her blood glucose has been high normal for a while now.

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