Kathy Smith: Lift Weights to Lose Weight

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert, just a fat chick trying to get fit.

Kathy Smith: Lift Weights to Lose Weight


This workout consists of 2 twenty minute workouts with weights.  One for upper body, one for lower body. There is an additional 5 minute segment for abs and core.

You will need at least 2 sets of weights between 2 and 10 pounds, a floor mat, a chair, and a workout bench.  You can get away without using the workout bench fairly easily though.

There is no warm up section for this workout, and the instructor specifically says that you should warm up before doing this workout.  So I flailed around on my own for about 5 minutes marching in place and doing some stretches and large arm movements.

The first 20 minute section has a lot of good moves with hand weights for toning your arms, back and chest, and is set at a pace that kept my heart rate way up.  There are options for a harder or easier workout which are called track one and track two, and are demonstrated by different exercisers. I modified the pushups by doing them on my exercise ball, but the instructor suggests other ways to modify them to make them easier. Otherwise I was able to do all the moves in this section.

The second 20 minute section is all about the legs and buns, and has a lot of effective moves to tone, and keep your heart rate up. I was able to do all the moves in this section, with my hand resting on a chair during some of the balance moves.

The abs workout was short and effective. Nothing here was too difficult or new to me.

Now, I’m of mixed minds with this DVD.  I’ve done it twice now.  Kathy Smith is a bit manic in it, and kinda squeaky, and sometimes she just wanders around amongst the 12 other people working out with her in the video.  Not to instruct them it seems, possibly to encourage them?  But it was distracting.  In fact, having that many people in the room was distracting.  The music was cheesy, but not too loud to mostly ignore.  The workout itself is not a beginner workout, though there are no overly complicated moves.  But I find it VERY effective, and an all around excellent toning and cardio workout.  I did curls to the point of exhaustion with my 8 pound weights.  That’s the first time I’ve used my 8 pounders while following a DVD, usually I only use them when doing some quick strength training on my own.

So while I found it to be a good workout, I don’t think I can do it very often without wanting to bop someone on the head. Maybe if I do it a few more times i can get it down enough that I can put it on mute?  heh


Workout Intensity: Low Impact, Medium to Intense workout, depending on the weights you use and track you follow.  I was sweating very quickly and really worked my arms hard.  This is not a beginner workout, but it wouldn’t take long before a dedicated could follow along.

Moves that were hard to do(because of my weight, knee and back problems) : I modified the pushups to make them easier and did a lot of the balance moves with my hand on a chair. One legged bridges were out for me. Form is very important when you have a bad back and are doing any of the bent over moves.

I wish this had a 5 minute warmup at the beginning and a section of stretching at the end so it could be an all in one workout DVD.  Since it doesn’t, you can either do things on your own if you have enough confidence in your fitness knowledge, or steal from the beginning and ending of many other DVDs that do have warmup/cooldown sections.

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  • Michelle

    Sounds like A good one, as I could absolutely benefit from all over toning! Muting the music could work…I don’t want to bop peeps more than absolutely needed!

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